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When it comes to brunettes, grey hairs are rudely visible far earlier than on your blonder friends. Obviously, the darker your hair is, the more obvious the greys.

Today we explain the best hair colours that will cover grey roots on brunettes - what type of coverage will work best, and how to care for - and transition from – brunette to grey.

What colour brunette will suit me?

If you used to be a dark brunette, there's need to instinctively go back to your former shade of hair. Dark shades can make older skin look drawn and tired. This is because the colour of our skin changes as we get older: less-efficient blood circulation is responsible for the loss of that healthy pink glow associated with youth.

Instead, look for less intensely saturated shades which will also make any grey regrowth less obvious. Warmer tones are more flattering than cool ones, as they accentuate the blush of your cheeks and make your face appear more radiant and healthy. Colours like butterscotch brown, light auburn and golden brown, or ash brown for those with a cool skin tone, are all versatile brunette shades that aren't too dark and are some of the best hair colours to hide grey.


All-over colour or highlights?

 If you opt for all-over colour, your grey roots will become more obvious, and will lead to that tell-tale line of demarcation. Opt for lowlights and highlights instead, which are also great for the day when/if you do decide to make the full transition into grey, as they can be subtly reduced with each re-colouring process.

 The right highlights and lowlights work like makeup, bringing light to the face in all the most complimentary places. They are also great for bringing volume to the hair. As we get older our hair can become weaker and lose its natural body. Colour (and the right hairstyle) can be used to add depth and dimension.


Going grey, hooray!

If you're taking the plunge, embracing your greys and making the full transition to overall grey hair colour – hooray! Hair colourists recommend using increasingly lighter shades of brunette before celebrating your silver side to make the transition more gradual. Semi-permanent hair colour to cover greys can also be a way of slowly taking the step: as the colour fades out, the greys gradually appear.

How to care for coloured hair

 If you're not ready to be a silver fox just yet, here's how to prolong your coloured hair for as long as possible:


1. Tailored haircare for coloured hair

Your first step is to start using a shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for coloured hair, such as the which also includes a spray and . If you've gone gorgeously grey, the Silver shampoo is perfect for you!


2. Don't over-wash

It seems obvious, but the more you wash your hair, the more quickly your new colour will fade, especially if it's semi-permanent. You're also more likely to strip the scalp of the natural oils that keep the hair fibres moisturised.

Try , not only soaks up excess grease, but leaves your hair voluminous and with a matte finish.


3. Dry with care

Rubbing at your head roughly with a towel can weaken the hair and leave it unable to retain its colour. Try to soak up excess water after showering by using downwards squeezing motions (to avoid literally rubbing the cuticle up the wrong way), ideally with a soft cotton material, not a coarse towel.

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