Summer Hair Rehab

Image Courtesy of L'Oréal Professionnel

Image Courtesy of L'Oréal Professionnel

If sunshine, surf and swimming have left your hair looking worse for wear, it's time to send it to rehab! Here's how to detoxify your locks from summer-afflicted damage.

Post-Pool Problems

A summer of endless dips can result in hair that looks dull and dry. The main culprit? Chlorine! Get on top of the damage by introducing a leave-in serum to your hair care routine to restore moisture and shine – try L'Oréal Professionnel Pro Fiber Rectify Leave-In Serum. Also, if you've still got plenty of pool days ahead of you, be proactive about keeping your hair chlorine-free. Always rinse your hair with tap water both before and after a swim – and consider wearing a swim cap.

Meanwhile for blondes, the combination of your hair colour and the pool water may leave your locks an unsightly shade! Invest in a clarifying shampoo to take that green tint away. (You may also want to consider going a slightly darker shade for summer.)

Brittle Beach Hair

Textured, beachy hair can look fantastic – when it's intentional! Then there's the other kind that comes from days of subjecting your hair to beach conditions – and it's not a good look! Overexposure to sand and seawater roughens the hair's cuticle layer, which causes the hair shaft to swell and feel dry - and may even cause scalp sensitivity. Swap to a gentle shampoo like L'Oréal Professionnel Sensi Balance to refresh the hair and soothe the scalp, without agitating it further.

Sun Damaged Locks

We're all well versed about the importance of protecting our skin from the harsh and damaging rays of the sun. But what about your hair? Overexposure to sun rays can have the effect of breaking down the hair's protective cuticle layer. So if you've spent loads of time in the sun, you may notice your hair is looking a little drab as it's more prone to damage. If this has occurred, sealing down the hair cuticle is top priority. Plus don't forget to always pop on a headscarf or hat to offer your hair some protection before heading out into the great outdoors!

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