Image Courtesy of L'Oréal Professionnel

Image Courtesy of L'Oréal Professionnel

Ashamed of the current state of your head? We've all been there, friend. Don't despair because there are fast and reliable remedies for taming, hiding, or straight-up reversing a bad hair day (no matter how dire). We've teased out three of our favourites.

1. Dry shampoo + braids

Braids are your go-to for hair that makes you feel ashamed. Before you go segmenting it into three parts, reach for some dry shampoo. Massage it into your roots. We like Morning After Dust by Tecni.ART – an invisible formula that ensures long-lasting freshness, not to mention revives your 'do with a gorgeous scent. We digress. The point of this is it will absorb excess oil and clean up your overall look. To guarantee you don't overdo it, use a little at a time until you're grease-free and all freshened up. Then loosely braid your hair and get on with your day.


2. Texturising spray + the messy bun

When hair won't cooperate, why not work with it and render that mess into a boho bun? One way to give life to limp, sad hair before whipping it into a bun is to make it more voluminous. Texturising hairspray such as gives texture and volume with a matte-like effect. You can be heavy handed with this because it's going to be key to your look. Afterwards, whip your head forward and twist your locks into a bun either at the top of your head, or into a low bun above your neck. Use a hair elastic to secure it in place, but keep it loose-ish – this adds to the effortlessness.


3. Headband or hat

When you're beyond help, either thanks to a hair appointment gone wrong or humidity's given you serious frizz, cover it all up. Pop on a bright, patterned headscarf or headband over a pony to distract passersby from your hair, or if need be, toss on a hat and pray tomorrow is kinder to you

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